Friday, September 18, 2009

"But did'nt I tell you that you will see a wonderful miracle from God if you believe?"
John 11:40

Juggling between writing spec scripts for daytime television and animation, editing a family saga (that turned into three books) and my bread and butter work: writing web content, grant proposals and marketing communications including scripts for businesses... yada, yada... remind me of a Ringling Bros. Circus act. 

Oh, and did I leave out my feature and primetime specs and the children's book I've left dormant too long?  With technology moving in warped speed, it'll definitely need an update. 

Topping the juggling act with teaching praise dance and gospelcise classes round out my creative merry-go-round I like to call life.  Actually, the latter gives me the peace that passes all understanding, no yoga needed here.

And if that's not enough to make me babble to myself, I've started knitting again.  I haven't knitted since sixth grade.  Oh yeah, I've got the knitting bug... big time!  I take my knitting paraphernalia everywhere I go in my little Victoria's Secret shopping bag.  It makes feel like a lady, despite the baseball cap, tee-shirt and sweats I'm sporting.  Hey, the secret is... they're from the Victoria's Pink line so I guess it balances out.

Knitting Cafe

Anyway, it's more like re-knitting.  I'm re-learning the craft.  Thank goodness I'm finally improving, but you can forget about this afghan showing up in anybody's gift bag.  A few gaping holes from an early attempt make it a definite "no way."  It'll look so purty on my bed. 

Mom crocheted and knitted extremely well, she's a hard act to follow. So not only do I have a mountain of writing goals... I have a mole hill of knitting goals as well.  Isn't that dandy.

After I finish the practice one, I'll take off the training wheels and advance to knitting a shawl for a Christmas present.  That's if my purling and knitting make nice. 

My main reason for returning to knitting was to start a knitting ministry. I hope to start knitting preemie caps for pre-born babies in area hospitals.  Don't worry, I've got an easy pattern, at least I will.  I wish my writing projects had patterns to follow.  Wouldn't that be lovely? 

And as my knitting genes kick in, hopefully, not too many months from now, I'll start knitting small purses my mother used to knit for me and my friends.  I still carry my knitted change purse everywhere.

knitted purse

If you haven't guessed it, Average Joans tend to become more sentimental as life rolls by.  I knitted a few things as a child, but I couldn't stay seated long enough to continue knitting through the middle years and high school.  It was the same with sewing.  Now that Mom has passed, I see the importance in bringing her love of knitting and sewing back into my life and into my writing.  Guess what... i love it now.

You better believe I put this sentimentality into my fiction/scriptwriting projects.  It gives them just the right flavor.  
Knitting is that chill pill for me.  It's that respite I need between my writing projects.  And Yes, I can leap tall buildings in a single bout... with my handy keyboard. 

Seriously, I'm like, as many of you are, the graphic diva above.  So much stuff keeps floating in this head of mine.  It could use some de-cluttering.  I'll let you know how when I figure it out.

Writing specs for daytime and animation at the same time will show me what I'm really made up. 

Our Creator don't make junk, so it'll be okay.  Staying focused and organized will be the key.  This is why I decided to open the door to my office and welcome in visitors, like you, by writing this cyber-journal.  desk

To give you some quick history, I wrote about ten specs including:  The Young and the Restless, All My Children and One Life to Live.  I was going to add Guiding Light, but unfortunately I heard reports that their light would go out soon.  I'm very sad that it was today.  I'm hoping new soaps will crop up in the near future.  But that may only be a twinkle little star for a while because of the world's economic belt-tightening.

An independent producer friend referred me to a former producer for Y&R, who no longer works in daytime, but was willing to read my script.

That previous year, a writer from one of the soaps was gracious enough to read one of my earlier Y&R scripts.  She read the first 14 pages and said that I captured the characters' voices.  I was thrilled, but that's just half the battle.  There's a thing called structure and foreshadowing to keep you on your toes.

Well, getting back to the producer.  He gave me solid notes for me to rework it.  So this is where I am.  I'll re-write the script from last summer's storyline, but fortunately for me the storyline has a key role in today's cliffhanger.  I plan to finish it by next Friday.  Hold me to it now.

That takes me to the animation side of my writing madness.  Again, it's time to update.  I have specs for shows that are still aired, but no longer in production.

The Young and the Restless 
Sponge Bob's Bikini Bottom

So I'll be enjoying Sponge Bob's crabby patties and Mighty B's HoneyBee obsession, while figuring who got shot in Friday's (9/19) Y&R Cliffhanger?  Does Colleen's spiritual visit to Lily's means she dies?  And how will Ashley find out she lost her baby months ago at the hand of her husband's son?  Yeesh!

I write my outline based on the Cliffhanger Friday show, then write the script from there and compare my version with what I see on the tube.  That's the fun part.

Well, I better get back to work, there's a lot to do!  I've got a few bread and butter assignments to bang out too.  Whew!

Don't you worry, I'll always have time to hear from you, Average Joans or not.  Are you working on your passion or only your necessity?  Hmm.

Miracles and Blessings!  Stay Tuned. 

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