Monday, October 12, 2009

Lifetime Television, Not Your Mama's Television

Lifetime Television... not Your Mama's Television Network... It's Drop Dead Better!

What... too kitchy?  Well call me Kitchy Kia... how could I resist giving you a teaser? 

Drop Dead Diva, Army Wives, the return of Rita Rocks! and a new original sitcom, Sherri -- sent me back to the "strong women's"  network during primetime television-watching hours.

But first, a brief word not from our sponsor... "Got Mammogram?  Make sure you get your mammogram and do monthly self-exams.  Early detection saves lives. 

After four benign breast biopsies before my diagnosis of fibrocystic breasts... every day became breast cancer awareness and a blessing... so stay informed.  And never stop praying for a cure.

Now, back to Joan B. Average, Scriptwriter... an Average Joan's adventures into the creative world of possibilities.

Well, I guess you've figured it out... my Spec Script Do It Now! list include My Lifetime faves topping it.  Okay, if we're being truthful here, Lifetime was my weekend network with some early evening reality show viewing on a few Mondays through Fridays. 

I love Lifetime movies, but sitcoms and episodics were never a thought.  Can you say syndication... re-run city?  That is... until, Army Wives tore off our safe knee socks and helped us step into daring fishnets.  Louise Jefferson and Carol Brady would be so proud. 

I would love to see Samantha Who? wake up from the sleep-induced coma ABC must have administered, because it's not in the Fall line-up and it should be. 

There's nothing about the show that puts me to sleep.  And this from an Average Joan who initially vowed not to watch it.  (I still squint and focus on the left side of the show's title.)

I would love to see Samantha Who? wake up on Lifetime right after Sherri and Rita Rocks!  How many more Reba reruns can we stomach without an ache?

Getting back to drop dead diva... I'm digging the concept of a Price is Right model wannabe slash diva
-- transforming into an Average Joan who catapulted herself back to diva status. Her-rah!
(left - Kate Spade - Loupe)

Yes, there's a but.  I would've preferred she never died.  I'm pretty sure she could've changed her life without dying and her spirit taking a nose-dive back to earth.  Spiritually, I do not compute.  But, there's nothing God can't do.  It's so up to Him. 

I love drop dead diva.  What's great is that there are so many messages about society's fixation on youth and beauty that speaks volumes on the show.  So, renewed minds can't help but happen... right?  I'm all over that!

But you won't find my Diva definition in any Merriam Webster's.   For me, Diva is a strong woman... a survivor.  She takes life's lemonades, add some Kiwis and sweet cream... whirl it into a frappuccino with extra whipped cream and a blackberry on top.  Yes, a weird combination that still goes down sweet.  Yum!

Now I understand the reason for the sudden crop of hospital shows from the nurse's perspective rather than the usual doctor's.  

Jada Pinkett-Smith's HawthoRNe raised the bar and kept me glued to TNT on Tuesday nights from 9 to 10 p.m.  Unfortunately, I ditch the network after next week's preview ends and head for my computer.  Those spec scripts don't write themselves.

And what is there for a Seinfeld fan to say about The Adventures of Old Christine?  Other than, can Elaine Benes come back out to play? 

But the bigger question is... who nominated Old Christine for an Emmy?  I must need a new prescription for my glasses.  The acting talent is there... the writing... not so much. 

Dear Network TV,

I know it's a hard pill to swallow, but Cable television has leveled the playing field.  They now have the ball and maybe even the court. 

Oh yeah, you still make those amazing three-pointer shots, but at least now you know there's room on the court for anyone creating innnovative television shows with an ethnic compass and a conscious.

Watch out agents and producers, get plenty of rest and take your vitamins because this Average Joan scribe and others have jumped on the spec script bandwagon and we're taking it up a notch. Bam!  (Thanks Emeril)  World... get ready to reap the happy rewards.   

Of course, I can't close without giving a big thanks to yesterday's trailblazing scribes.  Without your fearlessness, today's innovative shows may have stayed inside the minds of dreamers.  Thanks for daring to dream and dreaming it into reality.

What are your thoughts about the 2009 Fall line-up?  Are you loving the new Cougar network show starring Courtney Cox? Are you hanging out in Cable-land a little more?

Give me your 411 on this season's sitcoms and episodics. 

Miracles and Blessing!

P.S. - You'll also find Joan B. Average, Scriptwriter hanging out at iCafe Woman Moderne or shopping untill she drops at iCafe Woman Moderne store.



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