Thursday, April 1, 2010

Made You Look!

Happy April Fooled You Day!

"So don't be anxious about tomorrow.  God will take care of your tomorrow too.  Live one day at a time." Matthew 6:34

My sister loved April Fool's day.  She had auburn hair like the cartoon diva above.  I have one question, how did Ms. Cartoon Diva find my old curlers?  We had every color in the rainbow.  

Every year, Diane's tricks got better and funnier.  One April Fool's Day when I was in 5th or 6th grade, she set our alarm clock an hour and a half earlier, then pushed it back to my wake up time without me being the wiser.  

This was my face when I stomped back home from the school bus stop, thinking I had missed the bus, until I saw my sister laughing hysterically at the front door.  Mom was just glad I got dressed and ready for school on time without a whine and a dance.  
Ah ... good times.

I don't know why, but the movies 50 First Dates and Ground Hog Day remind me of a perpetual April Fool's Day.  Okay, maybe I do know.  It's like, you woke up one morning and the world said, "you're it ... April Fool."  Can you imagine waking up to the same day ... the same activities.  I don't know about you, but I'm always glad to see a new day.  It gives me another chance to get it right, or at least make it better.

I loved those two movies, the layering, the subplots and again, the foreshadowing was wonderful.   In 50 First Dates, the main character, Lucy Roth, an artist living in Hawaii with her Dad and brother--has a car accident that destroyed her short term memory.  On her way home from picking a pineapple for her Dad's pineapple upside down birthday cake, she swerves into a tree avoiding an animal.
Her life becomes a rewind.  She only remembers the day of the accident minus the actual accident.  She knows her life up to that point.  With the previous day erased, she wakes up every morning to her Dad's birthday and performs the same activities. 

She goes to her favorite breakfast spot, builds a waffle house on her plate and meets Veterinarian Henry Roth aka Adam Sandler, her rewind amour.   Each day she meets him for the first time and falls in love by nightfall.   

Her rewind life is no picnic for her dad and brother either, who re-create it everyday.  When she finally goes to sleep, Dad and Brother get busy dumping the pineapple cake, paint over in white the same mural she creates in the garage, they replace the newspaper with a preserved duplicate, and stash the taped football game.

Womanizer Henry has his own April Fooled payback happening.  After spinning so many lies to get women to forget him, the one woman he wants to remember him can't.  Is that what you call just desserts served cold?  By the end of the movie, this dilemma blesses them both.

(Ground Hog Day)

In the movie Ground Hog Day, an egotistical Pittsburgh Weatherman, Phil Connors, played by Bill Murray, is mad at the world for having to cover Ground Hog Day for the fourth year in a row.  If anyone should get stuck in rewind, it's him.  He relives Ground Hog Day over and over again, but at the end becomes a more appreciative person.  Like 50 First Dates, the movie's hilarious.

If I had to be trapped on a day, I would want it to be in Hawaii, preferably South Maui, Kihei to be exact.  

(Makena Beach)

My April 1 Rewind Day would start before sunrise with prayer and scripture reading, then off to work on a script assignment or manuscript deadline on the lanai of my A-frame home on a hill with beach and mountain vistas.  

At sunrise, I'd get my daughters ready for school, fix them and hubby banana pancakes (plain for him and none for me), sip my decaf Kona and then walk them to school ten minutes away. 

(Shutterberry -

On my way back, I'd stop at Star Market for a large Lion's coffee, and off to the Cinnamon Roll Fair-Hawaii on South Kihei Road for a cinnamon bun.  After my calories-laden breakfast, it's off to the Kihei Aquatic Center where I teach two Zumba Water classes.  

Lunchtime you'll find me stopping at Foodland for a plate lunch, a mango ice cream cone at Baskin Robbin's and back to my office mat on the beach where I'm churning out more pages for that television script assignment.  

After work is done, I'd pick up the kids, finish homework and take a jaunt in the waves at sunset with the family.  Back home, hubby and I would prepare an outdoor barbeque dinner of Poke, grilled Mahi Mahi, Kai Beef Ribs, Taro Sweet Potatoes, Jasmine Rice and Collard Greens. (I had to slip in my southern roots) 

An hour later, I'd make strawberry, pineapple, kiwi smoothies that would mark the end of a very peaceful day that I'll do all over again.  Aloha!

Happy April Fooled You Day!  
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  1. Your day sounds awesome! I never saw 50 First Dates, I will have to check it out. Now I want a cinnamon roll.

  2. He-he! I know, I want a cinnamon roll too. It's a great movie. Check it out! And my rewind day... perfect. Not bad for an Average Joan, huh? Thanks for stopping by.