Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Reality Shows are Back!

Girl Enjoying a Georgia Peach


Peaches, Watermelon, Bing Cherries ... 
and the upcoming "Big Brother"
... the new signs of Summer heat up Network and Cable Television. 

(Big Brother 11)
It wouldn't be summer without "Big Brother."  Despite my love/no love relationship with this reality show, I always catch myself scheduling my nights around an airing of "Big Brother" from early July to mid-September.

Once again, we'll see the standard Jeff and Jordan romances, cat fights between Lydia and Natalie clones over a Jessie stud wannabe, scheming alliances like Kevin and Natalie's and explosive rebellions that forced "Big Brother 11" producers to send Chima packing without a nomination ceremony.  

(Television Viewer)

No matter how much I try not to watch, I'm surrounded by close friends and family members who will phone me during the time slot and ask:  Are you watching "Big Brother?"  And of course my answer is always:  Oh, yeah ... did you see what so and so just did?

Sunset Palms

It gets worse.  On a long weekend vacation, I rush back from a sunset walk on the beach just to watch the 12 insane house guests who by now have turned into preschoolers.  (no offense to preschoolers)

It would be nice to see some seasoned and ethnically diverse "Big Brother 12" housemates or any not obsessed with their looks and born before the Internet. 

(True Beauty)

Speaking of beauty obsession, a newcomer on the reality show summer scene and in its second season is the ABC show, "True Beauty" -- where shallow, beauty-obsessed young men and women are lured into thinking they're competing to become (this season) Mr. or Ms. Las Vegas and all the fame and fortune that come with it. 

  (Candid Camera)

What they don't know is that they're really being judged on their inner beauty -- physical beauty plays second fiddle.  On the first challenge, they create a hot look for themselves on a limited budget.  Hidden cameras follow them 24-7 through challenges and through their personal time.

It almost reminds me of the old "Candid Camera" Show.  Hmm ... what would Allen Funt think about, "True Beauty?"  I'm thinking he would've dug it.

An actress who pretends to be the store's sales person helps each contestant create an eye-catching look.  She tempts them into stealing an outfit that's over their budget, as the three "True Beauty" judges and America candidly watch.  Some pass the test and, sad to say, some don't.

I missed the show last night, but I wouldn't raise an eyebrow if the young woman who flunked the first test and the second test last week was shown the door.

 (The Next Food Network Star)

Then we head over to the food and interior design side of reality television where our bullies are not fellow contestants, but appear to be the judges of "The Next Food Network Star" and "HGTV Design Star."  

Their job is to bring out the best in each finalist where ultimately one will win a cooking show on the Food Network.  If they can't stand a little constructive bullying, then they need to get out of the kitchen.  Whether they're cooking in it or hanging cabinets.

 (HGTV Design Star 2010)

Yes, summer and reality television heat will both sizzle in the upcoming weeks.  Stay in either one too long, you may get fried.  So what's a summer viewer to do?   You slather on extra sun block, crank up the A.C. and go back for more.  Ah ... don't you just love summertime drama?

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  1. I too am a lover of "Big Brother" and various other reality TV shows. You might enjoy the new "Work of Art" on--I think--Bravo on Wednesday nights. Quite a kick!