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A Cute Pair of Shoes Are Her First Cousin 
on Her Mother's Side.  

But first, we interrupt Joan B. Average, Scriptwriter's cyber-journal for a special alert.  CYBER-MONDAY IS BACK! 

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Now back to our secret love affair with shoes.
Are yours telling your story?

It's no secret, Average Joans, Divas, Fashionistas, Socialistas and the "Housewives of Beverly Hills" love their shoes.  I can't count how many times I've heard women on the HGTV show, "House Hunters," say "... But where am I going to put all of my shoes?" ... when they're staring down a small closet.

 (In Her Shoes)

Shoes tell your story, or share your dreams ... whether you like it or not.  Look at the trailer poster above of the 2005 movie, "In Her Shoes," starring Toni Collette and Cameron Diaz as sisters Rose and Maggie.  

They're basically the same pumps, but the red shouts ... "I'm a party girl!  I want to turn heads.  My confidence comes from my beauty."  You have to strain to hear the black pumps murmur .. "I'm serious and responsible.  I'm confident in what I've accomplished in my career.  But, let me fade into the background, please.  I don't want to be noticed."

Those simple pair of pumps reveal the sisters' personalities and their relationship dynamics.

 Kate Spade Women's Liza Slingback Pump,Black\Cream,9.5 M US
Kate Spade Women's Liza Slingback Pump,Black\Cream,9.5 M US 

Shoes Let You Be Who You Want to Be ...

Our girl Carrie Bradshaw of "Sex and the City" fame knows who she is and her shoes show it.  She's a confident fashionista with brains beyond her favorite pair of Jimmy Choos.  She makes no excuses for her shoe spending habits that reached the $40,000 mark.  She treats them as extensions of herself.  They are her diamonds and rubies.  Her Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin stilletos reflect an exciting single life lived.  

Sex and the City 2 Final Movie Poster Double Sided Original 27x40

On the flip side, "In Her Shoes" Rose, a Princeton Grad Attorney, lives in a well-appointed apartment in Manhattan with a walk-in closet filled to the brim with her prized designer shoe collection.  

Unfortunately, her flirty stilletos and sexy sandals never leave the closet.  Rose and her shoes miss out on a life full of possibilities.  

(Manolo Blahnik)

Shoes are Rose's number one joy in life.  Why?  Because ... "they always fit."  Many women (like Rose) who struggle with weight and self-esteem issues feel empowered buying shoes, even if they never wear them outside the shoe department.  If you're a size 8 or 8 1/2, the shoe most likely will fit.  

 Not the case, when your dress size inches past a twelve.  And in a world where designers are size 6 and 8 happy, it takes many trips to the dressing room to find that perfect fit. 

If the Shoe Fits ... Share it! 

Rose and Maggie both wear a size 8 1/2 shoe and is the only thing they have in common.  Their personalities and morals are night and day.  It's no wonder Rose freaks when Party Girl Maggie tries on a pair of her shoes.  How dare they fit and look better on her in that age-inappropriate red mini.  

Maggie, a high school graduate, can't seem to keep a job.  She thinks her only asset is her beauty.  Her shoes see way more action than they should.  She hops from job to job and from Mr. Wrong to Mr. Disaster.  She finds herself homeless and eventually living in her grandmother's retirement condo.  

(Manalo Blahnik)

Through their re-connection with their grandmother, Ella, (whom they thought was dead) Rose and Maggie learn how to make peace with themselves and each other.  They finally begin living more balanced lives and enjoy the lives they're leading.

Shoes: 2011 Mini Wall Calendar 
Shoes: 2011 Mini Wall Calendar 

Carrie makes no excuses.  She won't feel shoe-shamed.  She has a right to spend her hard-earned money on her shoe addiction.  Unlike those, like Miranda, who found their Mr Right -- she doesn't get an engagement party, a bridal shower or a wedding gift, so treating herself to an artistic pair of shoes is her own celebration gift.  Her shoes say, she's not putting her life on hold.

Most girls shop for the bridal gown first, when that engagement ring slips on their finger.  Not carry, she found the perfect Jimmy Choo first and a wedding suit second in the first Sex and the City movie.

Yes, our shoes are a fashion staple in our closet.  But they're a lot more.  They also represent a life lived, or a life on hold.  What are your shoes saying about you?  Do share?

crocs Women's Kaela Ballet Flat,Black/Black,8 M UScrocs Blitzen Clog,Chocolate/Chocolate,Men's 7 M/Women's 9 MUGG Women's Bailey Button 5803-Chestnut-8UGG Classic Cardy 5819-Grey-8UGG Classic Cardy Boots - Womens 2011Nine West Women's Parthenia Pump,Grey Suede,7.5 M USNine West Women's Daryn Pump,Black Leather,7.5 M USChristian Louboutin Decollete BlackPelle Moda Women's Nemo Two Piece Pump,Black Satin,5.5 M



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