Thursday, January 27, 2011

Not Your Momma's Bake Sale Cupcakes

(Sweet! By Good Golly Miss Holly)

Remember when Mom used to make cupcakes for you on a rainy day, or when the PTA needed a quick fundraiser, she'd whip up a batch at a glance.

Back then, cupcakes were simply chocolate, vanilla or lemon with butter cream frosting made from scratch or with Duncan Hines.  And if Mom was feeling adventurous, you'd find a batch of marble or cupcakes with sprinkles on top.

If your cupcakes didn't come from Mom's kitchen, they came from the avenue bake shop.  We didn't have cafes solely whipping up cupcakes and washed down with a cappuccino or Chai.

(Avenue E Starbucks - New York City)

Grant Writing Success Can Be Yours!

Where the 1980s and 1990s made everyone want a Latte and wile away at a coffee bar sipping three dollar coffees on a comfy couch, this New Millennium puts you on another comfy couch munching a Vegan cupcake.  This tasty rage doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon.

 (Vegan Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake - Cupcake Wars)

Gone are the simple chocolate, vanilla and lemon cupcakes .... now we have Crystallized Ginger Olive Oil with Lime Buttercream, Gluten-Free Chocolate Cardamon, Creamsicle, Strawberry Bacon and Maple Cream Cheese, Pink Peppercorn with Chocolate Ganache, Vegan Tiramisu, Dulce de Leche ... the sky's the limit.  Cupcakes have even replaced the wedding cake.

(Wedding Cupcakes)

If cake artists can battle it out in a cooking arena, why can't cupcake bakers show they're no wusses either.  And they're not.

(Cupcake Wars)

Just like the cooking show, Chopped on Food Network, the contestants on Cup Cake Wars (also on Food Network) are given the challenge of transforming wild, non-cup cake ingredients into "knock your socks off delicious cupcakes"  that'll win them the  $10,000 prize and exposure at a coveted venue like ... oh, I don't know ...  a little event called The Rose Bowl Parade.  That's what returning winners were competing for when I watched a few days ago. 

 (Sweet: By Good Golly Miss Holly)  

There' a new trend in town and it's not backing down from a fight.  You may scoff at the idea of earning a nice living baking cupcakes, but that's exactly what's happening from sea to shining sea.  Corporate honchos, former lawyers, movers and shakers of commerce are cashing out their 401Ks and stock options and living their dreams with a really good mixer.

 (Georgetown Cupcake)

I wonder what will be the next culinary big thing.  We're into a new decade ... the sky's the limit or should I say, your appetite's the limit.



  1. I may be in the great minority for saying this but just like we now have way too many cable TV channels that I’m sure I will never watch them all in my lifetime, we also have way too many flavors. Just give me my strawberry please!

  2. I do love cupcakes---my eternal comfort food. One of my faves is the last photo---coconut and everything coconut is tops for me.

  3. Yes Clay, it can be overwhelming with so many cupcakes to choose from, but they had me when they added bacon and maple syrup to cupcakes.

  4. Ditto for me Bing... coconut anything is also my favorite. Thanks for the comment!