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To Niche or Not to Niche...

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To Niche or Not to Niche...

That is the freelance writer's "big question," especially if he or she's still nursing on writing formula.  

Confident niche writers say specializing gives you an edge above generalists.  A big edge... you're viewed as an expert.  You hit the marketing jackpot when clients seek you out because you're the creative genius in your niche.  

What about Mr. Generalist?  Well, he may have long nights of researching and researching some more, if it's an area where he's lacking hands-on knowledge.  

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Ms. Niche stands out because she's offering something unique that'll make the customer stand out from the competition.  She draws on her niche experience to find that marketing gem.


Our Lady Niche laughs in learning curve's face and flies past Mr. Generalist--Googling until he's cross-eyed -- and she completes the coveted project ahead of schedule.  


Ms. Niche even found a way to increase the client's profit margin. She taps into a new venue that sends the client's business down the green brick road to a new profitable destination -- the world of You Tube.

Take it from Joan B. Average, Scriptwriter... online marketing videos capture a growing audience who hadn't thought of your client's business until they watched a company video on You Tube. 

Marketing Gem Sparkles into Sales

But wait it gets better.  Ms. Niche's client happens to be a B2B. B2B marketing is not a hard sale.  Our B2B provides a service the customer needs, but the question is...will the prospect -- a company with a stagnate website and Facebook page -- get the job? 

Or will the contract go to the company with an active online video marketing campaign, several thousand Twitter followers and Facebooks "likes" in the six digits?

It's not brain surgery.  

We live in a microwave society.  Customers need to be snatched where they spend the most time.  And these days... the Web commands their attention -- with a growing number of businesses surfing You Tube company videos.

You can add online video scriptwriting to your freelance writing copywriting or advertising business like I did a year ago as creative director for a mid-size advertising agency.  

Last January, we launched Perfect Little Black Dress Ink, a niche marketing divison for Nuss Associates, Inc., offering web copywriting and online video scriptwriting for B2Bs and B2Cs.

Online Video Script with Benefits

Why should you care?  It doesn't matter if you're a generalist or a niche specialist.  Adding online video scriptwriting to your services, you can get paid $100-$500 per page of copy you write.

Rebecca Matter, VP Marketing Director of Artists & Writers, Inc. - AWAI... explains why companies will pay so much for your online video script. 

Why You Can Get Paid $100-$500 
Per Page of Copy You Write!

Because online video works like gangbusters!   

One study published in the online journal -- Marketing Experiments -- found that video marketing increases click-through rates by 750% over traditional banner ads.
That means online video is more than seven times more effective at getting your online prospect to take action.
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Online Publishers Association did a study to find out how good online video is at converting to sales. They followed 1,241 Internet users.
The result?                                               
40% clicked a link or visited a website mentioned in the video ad. And 8% of the 1,241 web surfers made a purchase.
That translates into an 8% response rate! And as you probably already know, that’s phenomenal in an industry where 1%-2% is considered a “home run.”
Without question, the marketing potential of video is HUGE.

How to Profit and Have Fun Writing for the
Online Video Marketing Niche

A successful video marketing campaign isn’t much different from a traditional direct-response marketing campaign …
... Its purpose is to get the viewer to take a specific action.
That’s why the video script is so important. It’s the lynchpin that determines whether or not the video will convert viewers to sales.
As the person paid to write these short scripts -- you become vital to the success of any online video marketing campaign.

Companies know the value a good script writer brings to the table. Starting pay for most video scripts starts at $100 per minute of video and can go as high as $500 per minute.

Since every minute of video translates into one type-written page (with lots of white space), that means you could easily knock out a 5-minute script in just a few hours.

Write three “quickie” 5-minute scripts a week at $100 per minute and you could be raking in $1,500 per week. That translates to $6,000 per month … $72,000 a year … just by adding short, fun-to-write video scripts to the services you offer.

And that’s on the low end of the pay scale!

Your income only builds once you’ve gained experience and can command $500 per page.  The amount of success you can create for yourself as a copywriter in this niche is practically limitless

With the help of an Emmy-Winning CNN Filmmaker, this fully interactive program --  Marketing with Video Online for Profit - Online Video Marketing -- gives you what you need to tap into this lucrative market in a short amount of time.    

AWAI is my go-to writing resource for most aspects of my business writing... and it can be yours too.  Just click the link for more info. and you'll be on your way too. Marketing with Video Online for Profit - Online Video Marketing

Oops, I know what you're thinking?  So that's where Joan B. Average, Scriptwriter was during the past year?  

Yes, but I was still having many adventures into the creative world of possibilities.  Now I'm back with a plethora of stories and wisdom gems to share.   And online video scriptwriting comes with just the right marketing sparkle.

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