Monday, November 30, 2009

An Artist is What an Artist Does With a Blank Slate

(Glorious Treats - Pina Colada Cupcakes)

(Glorious Treats - Cars Birthday Cupcakes)

Gaze upon these masterpieces... a sweet feast for the eyes by this master artist, sculptor... and yes, she also goes by Mommy and baker.  This is the artistic work of Glory Albin, a 30-year-old, stay-at-home-mother of two, who loves cooking, baking, gardening and scrapbooking.  She's an artist and an Average Joan who transforms the ordinary into extraordinary delectables.

Now that I've made you snatch that Snickers bar from your secret stash, I guess you're wondering what does this impressive cake artist have to do with writing?  Is she writing a cookbook?  I don't know, I haven't met her personally.  From what I saw in her Flickr photostream, she could easily create a coffee table art book with recipes.  There you go!

Artists come in many forms, you don't have to own a paint brush and canvas to be an artist.   You can wear an apron, hold a camera, stage a house for sale... etc. 

Writing is like baking and painting... but I'll use the baking analogy since breakfast and lunch consisted of one piece of Bit O' Honey hard candy.  

Scribes start with a white computer screen -- and for the baker -- it's the flour.  Without adding more ingredients, all you have is a white screen and something inedible.  So, to make those delectable creations above, you need to add your sugar, some salt, butter... but in my case... I add the characters, both sweet and salty... the plot, butter it up with foreshadowing and so forth. 

(cupcake cups - Glorious Treats - I don't need diamonds)
(Uh, yes... you do.)

If I'm writing sales copy for a client, I adjust the recipe to include benefits for the consumer and attention-grabbing words that keep the reader devouring the sweet copy.

Just like my cake artist who admitted to seeing herself as an artist in her Flickr post -- us Average Joan scribes have to own ourselves as artists, even if the masterpiece is an instructional manual for a flat screen television. 

I stumbled on Glory's chocolate cupcakes on when I was looking for sweet artwork to entice cyber-surfers into iCafe Woman Moderne, an intergenerational women's virtual cafe, for its Cyber-Monday deals.  Yes, I linked the cupcakes to her photostream.

(Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes - Glorious Treats)

Maybe I'm taking the analogy a bit too far, but why can't a technical writer be an artist?  If you're skillful at using words to get a buyer not to throw that television manual down in disgust and actually read it from start to finish... then you're an artist. 


Even if the pleasure comes from you, the buyer, enjoying a problem-free television without ever referring to the manual again... then that technical writer in Boise, Idaho is an artist. 

Did you just raised your eyebrows?  Okay, look at it like this.  Didn't our technical writer bring enjoyment to the buyer?   In my book, that's what an artist does, whether it's through words, photographs, entertainment, a leg of lamb or flour. 

You can also find the artist in you in areas never explored.

Case in point, the weekend before last, I coordinated a destination black & white-themed wedding in Atlantic City for the niece of one of my best friends.  

But, it didn't stop there.  On Sunday afternoon, I co-coordinated her aunt's red, white and blue-themed wedding.


For the Atlantic City wedding, I was working with a tight decorating budget, so I alternated the above Dollar Tree store favor boxes at each place setting, added red, pink and white rose petals, tea  candles, a large martini glass with crystals (the bride's vision) and rose petals in lieu of a formal centerpiece.  It was simple elegance.  

(Bride and Groom Wedding Strawberries)

I am not a professional wedding coordinator/event planner, but I play one on TV.  (Okay, I couldn't resist.) I guess it has something to do with my husband being a mobile DJ and Karoake professional.  I'm his roadie.  I often find myself lending a hand at weddings and events.

To my amazement, I discovered skills I never knew existed, like floral designing.  I created all of the bouquets and boutonnieres, including the bride's and groom's to glowing reviews.   

I also produced the wedding program.  No surprise there... I've designed plenty of booklets and brochures for work, so I tapped into those skills. 

It didn't take long for someone to thrust a microphone in my hand and I began introducing the wedding party like an entertainer in a Vegas lounge. (pardon me, Atlantic City lounge) 

Little, old moi... the one who breaks into a sweat when speaking in front of a crowd bigger than three.  I must say, this was good practice for when I do my author tour.  

Besides almost tripping on a speaker's wire, my husband and friends said I looked like a pro.  I guess I can add actress to my growing list of newfound skills.  

Have you recently discovered the artist in you?  If so, Joan B. Average, Scriptwriter wants to hear from you.   If not, Joan B Average, Scriptwriter still wants to hear from you.  

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